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Why should solder paste be "lead-free"

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Update time : 2022-09-14 17:01:28
Lead-free solder paste is gradually produced with the development of the times, people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthened, and lead-free solder paste has gradually entered lead-free solder paste.As we all know, metal lead is very polluting the environment. When the air, water, soil and other natural resources contain a large amount of metal lead, it will seriously endanger the human body, health and living environment. With the continuous strengthening of environmental protection efforts, metal lead is rarely allowed in electronic products. As a heavy metal, metal lead is a toxic and harmful substance. It is specially recorded in ancient books that it is very dangerous to use pipes made of metal lead to transport drinking water. As an important soldering material for electronic products, solder paste is widely used in the soldering of electronic products in life and production. For example, common household appliances have solder paste. Lead-free solder paste manufacturers can say that our lives are inseparable from metal tin. Metal lead is added to the solder paste, mainly to reduce the soldering temperature. It is well known that the melting point of eutectic solder consisting of 63% tin and 37% lead is quite low at 183 degrees Celsius. Solder paste can be divided into two categories according to whether it contains lead or not: one is leaded solder paste; the other is lead-free solder paste. Lead-free is newly developed in order to meet the EU environmental protection requirements ROHS. Lead-free solder paste manufacturers need to point out here: lead-free does not contain a little lead at all, but the content of metal lead must be lower than 1000pPM, taking into account The solder paste may be further polluted during the use process. In order for the majority of SMT manufacturers to meet the EU standards in the use process, the metal lead content in the products of professional lead-free solder paste manufacturers must be much lower. At 1000pPM this standard.
Solder paste must be "lead-free"
       According to the knowledge of lead-free solder paste manufacturers: metal lead and its compounds are listed for the first time by the US Environmental Protection Agency as 17 kinds of harmful substances that endanger human health and the natural environment. After the lead-containing electronic products are used up, the discarded metal lead will enter the groundwater system through the flushing of rainwater, thereby entering the food chain of animals or humans. In the human body, excessive intake of metallic lead can lead to neurological disorders, regenerative system disorders, physical growth retardation and hemoglobin reduction, and cause anemia and high blood pressure in the human body. According to the standards of the US Occupational Safety and Health Management Service, the level of metallic lead in the blood of adults should be less than 50 mg/dl, and the level of metallic lead in the blood of children should be less than 30 mg/dl. Standards will be harmful to human health. From the above analysis of lead-free solder paste manufacturers, we should be able to see that if a large amount of metal lead is added to the solder paste, the solder paste will be made into electronic products after use, and the electronic products will be caused by unreasonable scrapping of the solder paste. The metal lead pollutes groundwater, air and soil, causing harm to the living environment of human beings. Therefore, the solder paste must be "lead-free".
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