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Soldering process related materials and common sense

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Update time : 2022-09-09 10:54:28
1 Definition of solder: the use of heating tools (electric ferrochrome) to firmly join two or more point metal conductors to achieve the purpose of conducting electricity.
make process.
2 Common sense of solder: There are generally two types of solder commonly used in toy assembly:
A. Tin bar: It is used on the wave crest passing tin machine specially used for electronic pulling, which will not be introduced here.
B. Tin wire:
a Composition: 60% tin, 40% lead, the hollow part of the tin wire contains flux.
b. Features: The melting temperature of the tin wire is above 190 C, and the conductivity is good.
3. Flux common sense: Flux is a commonly used item in the soldering process, and its functions are:
A. Help high temperature
B. Helps to remove oxides on the soldering surface.
C. Fluxed tin diffusion.
There are three commonly used fluxes:
A. Pine fragrance: used in the crest passing tin machine, which will not be introduced here.
B Flux in the tin wire: in the hollow part of the tin wire. The advantage is that the soldering operation can be performed without additional assistance when the tin wire is used as solder.
Flux. Commonly used for component soldering on circuit boards, wire soldering, soldering of components and motors or copper sheets, etc.
C. Solder paste: a light yellow paste-like chemical containing acidic substances. Generally, it is 50 grams of iron.
Special attention: This type of solder paste cannot be used for soldering operations on circuit boards. Because the solder paste contains acidic substances, it will cause leakage on the circuit board.
In addition, it is easy to corrode the copper on the circuit board, causing the circuit board to malfunction.
4. Common sense of electric soldering iron:
The electric soldering iron is a heating tool for soldering operation. Now we introduce the structure and advantages of the commonly used electric soldering iron:
A. Type:
a. Gun-shaped soldering iron.
b. Straight rod soldering iron
Advantages: The soldering iron tip can be changed, the power of the electric heating wire can be changed, and the price is cheap.
c, constant temperature soldering iron
Advantages: With constant temperature control, it is not easy to burn the soldering iron or damage the circuit board and components.
B. The wattage of soldering iron commonly used in the assembly department: 30W, 40W, 60W.
C. The soldering iron tip is the main part of the soldering iron. Various requirements can be carried out through different shapes and sizes of soldering iron tips
The solder, the following introduces our commonly used types:
a. Flat shape - used for metal bodies with large welding surface and fast heat dissipation, such as battery copper sheets.
b Conical - used for intensive soldering of tin points and tin use (commonly used on circuit boards).
c Oblique shape - use for independent tin points with large welding surface.
Advantages: The tin wire is worn on the soldering iron, and the amount of solder can be controlled by controlling the tin wire hook, so that the other hand can be used to do other work.
5 The correct method of melting tin:
Appropriate amount of tin;
Fully cool; pay attention to cooling: be careful not to move the copper sheet during the process, so as not to cause false welding
Pay attention to cleaning: remove excess tin dross or tin beads.
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