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Lead-free solder bar rosin usage specification and dip soldering

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Update time : 2022-09-15 16:17:27
Rosin is a common additive in lead-free tin bars, so rosin will not cause conduction. It is an insulator itself, but the content of the auxiliaries of lead-free solder bars contains rosin but other active substances. Lead-free solder bars Excessive metering of some active substances may cause leakage.
The reason why many electronic factories in China use lead-free solder bars to clean the surface after soldering is to remove the residue after soldering to ensure the safety of the electronic board. Dip soldering is used. After soldering, there is a layer of white dirty marks on the terminals, which is difficult to remove. I would like to know if there is a way to deal with the dirty marks after soldering the lead-free solder bars?
Often we want to remove the contamination of lead-free solder bars. First of all, we need to understand how the contamination is produced and what substances are produced so that we can fundamentally remove it. From the above questions, we can determine that the contamination comes from self-flux. It is generally believed that the dirt of the flux should be cleaned with a cleaning agent, but the terminals on which the wiring is connected cannot be completely cleaned with the cleaning agent, which will also cause harm to the terminals. The best method for lead-free solder bars is to use industrial alcohol or special cleaning. Just wipe with water.
Solder bar is an indispensable solder material for dip soldering. It can be divided into lead solder bar and lead solder bar, which is mostly used for non-export electronic products. The lead-free solder bar good wettability and fluidity, easy to tin; the solder joints are bright, full, and will not be soldered and other undesirable phenomena. Lead-free solder bars are divided into manual and machine dip soldering. Machine dip soldering of lead-free solder bars is a method of using machines instead of manual clamps to clamp the inserted PCB for dip soldering. When the area of ​​the circuit board welded by the solder bar is large and there are many components, and the dip welding cannot be clamped by a manual clamp, machine dip welding can be used.
Secondly, the process of dip soldering of electrolytic lead-free solder bar machine is as follows: when the circuit board runs above the tin furnace in the dip soldering machine, the tin furnace moves up and down or the PCB moves up and down, so that the PCB is immersed in the solder of the tin furnace, and the immersion depth is 1/2~2/3 of the thickness of the PCB, the tin immersion time is 3~5 seconds, and then the PCB leaves the tin immersion position and goes out of the tin immersion machine to complete the soldering. This method is mainly used for soldering large-area circuit boards such as TV mainboards, instead of high wave crest machines, reducing the amount of tin dross, and the board surface is heated evenly and the deformation is relatively small.
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