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How to reduce solder paste waste

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Update time : 2022-09-08 09:41:56
Solder paste manufacturer's suggestion 1: Choose a suitable solder paste.
The main component of solder paste is a paste made by mixing metal powder and flux. Can the electronic components be well attached to the circuit board during the production process of the SMT manufacturer? The quality of lead-free solder paste is a very critical control point. A suitable solder paste can not only improve the soldering yield of the production line, but also greatly improve the soldering performance of the circuit board, which is the most reliable guarantee for the soldering quality of the circuit board. A good quality solder paste will have the following parameters. Viscosity of lead-free solder paste, quality of metal powder, size of metal particles and temperature profile of solder paste. The pressure of the SMT solder paste printing blade, the shearing speed and the activity of the flux in the solder paste. If the quality of solder paste is not up to standard, it will have a huge impact on the welding process of SMT manufacturers, not only can not complete the entire welding process, but also greatly drag down the welding speed of the entire production line. It is absolutely necessary for SMT manufacturers to choose a suitable lead-free solder paste to avoid waste.
Solder paste manufacturer's suggestion 2: good storage of solder paste
A good solder paste is not only very critical to its own quality, but also how to store it during the entire soldering process of the SMT solder paste manufacturer. In the actual production process of SMT welding manufacturers, sometimes some lead-free solder paste is placed in the placement machine for printing. When encountering a power failure, changing production lines, replenishing materials, etc., the solder paste may stay on the printing machine for too long. At this time, if the solder paste is used for the second time, the viscosity and humidity of the solder paste itself may change greatly. For these secondary solder pastes, lead-free solder paste manufacturers believe that if they want to continue to use them, they need to go through professional judgment before they can continue to be used. A small amount of recycled solder paste can be mixed with new solder paste for use. During the storage process of solder paste, general SMT manufacturers will use refrigerators for low-temperature storage. During the soldering process, the lead-free solder paste stored at low temperature must be warmed up before it can be used again. After taking out the solder paste from the refrigerator, it must be placed at room temperature and returned to normal ambient temperature before it can be used. Lead-free solder paste manufacturers recommend that they strictly abide by these storage regulations in order to better maximize the performance of the solder paste and greatly avoid the waste of SMT manufacturers in the use process.
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